Coolest Pit Bull Brothers Ever:

Bully buddies:

Book Westie:

Giant Schnauzer w/miniature schnauzer, I so want one a giant schnauzer so I can take a pic like this with my mini Buster!!:


I'm ready for my walk!  (I usually don't pin set up pics, but this is just adorable)  :):

French Bulldog:


When it comes to Yorkies, two is better than one!:

Another little shih tzu.:

Baby Boston Terrier:

Bringing your new English bulldog puppy home - English bulldogs:


#morkie #dogs #cute:

(5) Baggy Bulldogs - Mommy's need to let loose too!:

Another Cavachon from Gleneden Farms, Berryville, VA Adorable!!! Good for people with allergies.:

ready for his close-up:

"Mmmmm, siento que bebí de más"... Hic!:


Pomeranians are so cute.:

Schnauzer dog ballerina - such a fabulously arranged pet photo :+) #animal #portrait:

How to wear a scarf:

French bulldog ready for Christmas!:

wagon full of baby bulldogs!:

I Love all Dog Breeds: 5 cutest smiling puppy faces you have ever seen:

So cute! #animals #puppy #dogs #puppies:

who wants to be my valentine?:

Luke the Labrador Retriever: "No thanks, you can drive, I'm gonna take a nap.":




maltese teacup:

Boston Terrier painting by Brian Rubenacker (rubenacker @ Etsy):


Top 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds:

This pit bull puppy has flannel accessories. He wins all the things.:

Pug Christmas Card:

♔ #English #Bulldog #Puppy:


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